Michigan Senior Session

It is no secret that I don’t specialize in senior portrait photography and in the last couple years, I have even past senior inquiries off to fellow photographers.  This senior was an exception…

Besides the fact that he is a handsome sweetheart, I have known him since the day he was born.  When you have known him that long and his family even longer, you make exceptions!  Growing up his mom was a second mom to me and then when she had Lee, I spent my summer going into my freshman year of high school, watching him three full days a week (and LOVED it)!  Since then they have moved to upper Michigan but we have remained close with the family and I promised them last summer when we visited that I would be back the following fall to take his senior pics.

I still feel young but taking his senior pictures this weekend was a huge reminder that he was not a little guy anymore and I am SO much older then I was!  lol  One thing that hasn’t changed-he was such a good and happy baby when I spent that summer with him and he is still so sweet!

So much love and wishes to whatever comes your way Lee Michael!  <3


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