“Nursing is a work of HEART”

Today I had a very special newborn session and I didn’t even know it at first. When this little mans’ mom contacted me to set up his newborn session, it came up that she was a nurse.  I love doing sessions for nurses because along with photography, nursing still holds a very special place in my heart.  When they come in for their session, we almost always can talk another language of appreciations, gratifications, and frustrations of the job (no matter where they are a nurse or what field of nursing they are in) that only nurses understand.  Not only was this mom a nurse, she was a nurse at the same facility that I work at.

After discussing that she was a recovery nurse, some how it came up about when I had my miscarriage last year and needed a d/c.  She asked how I felt about the experience and although I don’t remember much of being at the hospital after the procedure (probably just emotions, hormones, and medications that I was one from the surgery), I do remember that everyone was exceptionally compassionate and friendly during my emotionally draining day.  This is when she explained that she had been my recovery nurse after I got out of surgery.  Seriously, I wanted to just hug her right there.  Partly because I felt horrible that I didn’t remember her (again just being heavily medicated) but just so appreciative that such a caring and loving person was taking care of me during such a difficult situation.

There are some that shouldn’t be nurses but most, if going into it for the right reason of wanting to help/care for patients, should be thanked by every single patient that they take care of and too often they aren’t.  Well, momma, while I may have not thanked you that day, please know how much I appreciate how you took care of me.  While I didn’t remember you at first, I remember the compassion that you gave me.  It is always my pleasure to take pictures for my clients but this morning, it was extra special for me!  Thank you!

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